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Best of the Best Wedding Photo Contest

SPECTACULAR! The best wedding photos of 2017

A4W News

Junebug Weddings recently released its picks for the best wedding photos of 2017, and they are spectacular!...

Wedding planning in 2018? Here’s how to plan financially for your big day

A4W Contributor

Every week millions of South Africans watch as couples on popular wedding shows prepare for what may be ...

Why your reality TV wedding will never be as magical as mine was

Change Exchange

Since the rise of the commercial wedding industry, our expectations have soared. Not only of the day, but ...

How to celebrate your Big Day without running up big debt

A4W Contributor

With summer in full swing, it means the wedding season is fast approaching - and most couples will ...

The essential 10-step guide to saving for your dream wedding

A4W Contributor

Whether it’s traditional or western, your wedding day should leave you with memories to cherish for the rest ...

Wedding planning tips for the introverted bride

A4W Contributor

For brides who hate taking centre stage, a wedding may cause more anxiety than excitement...

Wedding etiquette dilemma: “My friends went to my wedding, but I can’t make it to theirs”

ANA Newswire and A4W Staff

I’m ashamed of the number of my friends’ weddings I’ve RSVP’d “no” to. The worst part? They came ...

How to know if you’re ready to say ‘I do’

A4W Contributor

Marriage is a commitment… so don’t take it lightly. Marry someone you love, because you’re going to wake ...

I’m a widow – why do people assume I can’t handle going to a wedding?

ANA Newswire

It’s not always easy to know exactly where you fit in or even whether to continue relationships with ...

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