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Why marriage IS a big deal

Capital Lifestyle

When you marry someone, you marry more than just a gorgeous man in a tux: marriage is a ...

Am I ready to get divorced? Advice from an expert

Roger Knowles

Are you unhappy? Do you think that ending your marriage might be the answer?

Pinterest gallery: Fun elements for your wedding

Debbie Harrower

Looking for a bit of inspiration for your big day? Take a look through this gallery of lovely ...

365 marriage proposals to the same woman

A4W Contributor

A man filmed himself secretly proposing to his girlfriend 365 times before he did the actual deed.

Three men marry in Valentine’s ceremony

A4W Contributor

Three men have tied the knot in a romantic Valentine’s day ceremony in Thailand.

Gorgeous wedding gowns with plunging necklines

Looking for some red-carpet pizazz at your wedding? have put together some of their top pics in ...

Half of couples think their partner should lose weight: Study

BANG Showbiz

A new report, commissioned by Magners Orchard Berries Light, has found that around one in two people in ...

Sexologist tips: How to spice up the flirty fun in your relationship

A4W Contributor

Durex Sexologist Catriona Boffard has some tips on how to bring the fun and flirty back into the ...

My happy, weird one-month wedding anniversary

Change Exchange

How do you do after saying I do? For our one-month-married wife-in-progress, the answer is ''proud and contented'', ...

Sex in marriage improves… eventually

AFP - Relax News

It's no secret that the sexual activity of married couples starts out strong and subsides over time, but ...

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