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Financial dependence: Finding your value when he brings in the cash


22seven blogger, Susan Hayden wonders what to tell her daughters about being financially dependent on a man.

The dirty truth about marital strife – When the soap suds fly

Change Exchange

Married life can be a soap opera, with the real drama taking place at the kitchen sink. And ...

Are you the partner of a sex addict?

Leandie Buys

In my practice, I often find myself counselling the partner of a sex addict before I counsel the ...

The sheer horror of the marital argument stalemate

Change Exchange

Since humans, by nature, are argumentative creatures, every marriage will have its moments of disagreement, often over the ...

How to find love through forgiveness

Leandie Buys

Forgiving or being forgiven can be one of the hardest things to do, and for some it can ...

Till decor us do part – How many cushions can a marriage handle?

Change Exchange

Blogger Mary B investigates the décor disasters and colour compromises of a newlywed couple…

5 Ways to know for sure if you’ve found “Mr. Right”


So you’re in a relationship, and you want to make sure that this relationship is the “right” relationship!

Pinterest Gallery: Beyond tacky wedding photos

A4W Contributor

Some people (and their photographers) are utterly clueless when it comes to wedding day style and modesty!

Yes, I’m married, but I want to be free to be me

Change Exchange

To marry is to meld two selves into one, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t be free to ...

What sometimes stops us from receiving love


It’s not our behaviour that stops us from receiving love, but how we perceive ourselves…

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