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Jennifer Lopez ended engagement over ‘trust’ issues – Sources

BANG Showbiz

Jennifer Lopez reportedly ended her engagement because she couldn’t fully “trust” Alex Rodriguez, which had left her feeling ...

Why falling in love over 50 is similar to loadshedding

Why falling in love over 50 is similar to loadshedding

Change Exchange

You know what to do based on years of practice and previous experience, but under the flickering light, ...

Beautiful young couple in bedroom is lying on bed. Enjoying spending time together now that the man is on contraceptives

The ‘pill’ for men: The answer women have been searching for?

A4W Contributor

We investigated what the contraceptive gel does, how it works and what men can expect when it finally ...

Pre-nuptial agreement

Why it’s important for even the most loved-up couples to get a prenup

Naadiya Adams

Pre-nups are good and don’t only serve you in a divorce. They give you financial independence and allow ...

Dating app

US Tinder will soon offer ‘background checks’ on potential suitors

Naadiya Adams

Tinder is stepping up their security features and allowing users to do background checks on their matches says ...

29-year-old student happily married to 80-year-old pensioner : “He’s such a charmer”

A4W Contributor

The Jacaranda FM breakfast team spoke to South African couple, Trezel and Wilson about their 51year age gap love.

romance scam

Romance fraud: Be alert to protect your heart & hard-earned cash

Carla Oberholzer

Carla Oberholzer, debt adviser at DebtSafe, explains that authorities are spreading a word of caution for middle-aged women ...

Abusiver relationship

“My daughter’s in an abusive relationship” – Here’s how to help

Nicci Attfield

If your daughter speaks to you about any difficulties in her relationship, never justify the abuse. Yes, the ...

Marilyn Manson abuse claims: Authorities begin investigation

BANG Showbiz

Los Angeles Sheriff's Department's Special Victims Bureau are investigating domestic abuse claims against Marilyn Manson.

Boity’s top tips for dating – “Start with hello!”

Lerato Maimela

Last updated on Jul 23rd, 2020 at 11:33 pmBoitumelo Thulo, also popularly known as Boity revealed some of ...

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