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Summer clothes for kids

Where to find the cutest summer clothes for kids – Under R200!

Xanet Scheepers

We found some really cute printed summer dresses, play suits, shorts and Tees all under R200 your little ...

toddler bilingual language development

Can I teach my toddler two languages at the same time?

Educational Psychologist Kristen Strahlendorf

We speak to Educational Psychologist ,Kristen Strahlendorf to understand what “toddler talk” is normal and when to worry. ...

Running out of things to do with the kids this holiday? Here are 5 ideas to save the day

A4W Contributor

Thousands of South African families have chosen to stay home and stay safe this holiday season. Here's what ...

Free, fun, off-screen activities for your kids this holiday

A4W Contributor

We’re all on the look-out for great ideas to keep our children engaged that enable us to also ...

Why are my child’s teeth yellow?

Zethu Sithole

Your child’s teeth can become yellow and discoloured even when they practice good oral hygiene...

childhood depression

Can young children REALLY suffer from depression? Kuziva Mtawarira says ‘yes’

Claire Warneke

“The biggest myth about childhood depression is that it doesn’t exist,” says Psychologist and Director of The Beast ...

Wheel Well initiative

Save an innocent life: Donate your used car seat to a parent and child in need


Did you know that child car seats reduce the risk of injury by as much as 82% for ...

social media sharing

The real problem with sharing pics of your kids online

The Conversation

For centuries, people have recorded daily minutiae in diaries and scrapbooks. Products like baby books explicitly invite parents ...

perfect mother myth

I cannot live up to the myth of the good mother

It has taken me 19 years to understand that it is not my job to make my children ...

Teaching your child new skills can be done easily through various types of play.

Stories, memory games, singing: How you can teach valuable skills through ‘play’

A4W Contributor

Children are constantly absorbing information from the world around them. This is an ideal opportunity to teach your ...

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