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5 Questions every expectant parent should ask in a Covid-world

Posted on Apr 26, 2021 by A4W Contributor

Covid has impacted our entire world, including everything from travel to fashion, work to entertainment.

Heroes: Cops become “midwives”, help mom deliver baby at police station gate

Posted on Apr 22, 2021 by Naadiya Adams

Two police officers from Nelspruit went beyond the call of duty to assist a woman to give birth ...

Meet the SA mom who conceived a ‘twin’ while already pregnant!

Posted on Apr 7, 2021 by Naadiya Adams

Davis had a double pregnancy, also referred to as superfetation which happens when conception takes place after the ...

Win a 4D scan experience worth R800 with Peekaboo

Posted on Mar 24, 2021 by Andile Mthimkhulu

Stand a chance to win a 4D scan experience with Peekaboo!

Call for Child Support Grant to include pregnant women

Posted on Mar 22, 2021 by GroundUp

Activists are calling for the government to extend the existing Child Support Grant to include pregnant women in ...

Postpartum hair loss affects 60-70% of new mothers!

Posted on Mar 21, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

After childbirth, new moms experience a drastic drop in hormones and this contributes to a lot of physical ...

What do you do with your positive pregnancy tests? Keep or toss?

Posted on Mar 15, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

South African moms weighed in on what they do with their pregnancy tests after they receive the results. ...

Why more women are choosing midwifery-led care during pregnancy

Posted on Mar 15, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

According to Juanita "a lot of women just don't realise using a midwife is  a viable and safe ...

Sofia Vergara wins embryo lawsuit!

Posted on Mar 4, 2021 by BANG Showbiz

A judge has ruled in favour of Sofia Vergara in the actress' long-running dispute with her former partner, ...

“My feet changed size PERMANENTLY after giving birth!” + Other changes that can happen

Posted on Feb 26, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

While some women only deal with weight gain during pregnancy, some may end up having to buy a ...

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