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5 Things I never should’ve said to my wife after our first child

Clint Edwards

Hopefully new fathers out there can learn from this conversation with my former self. Here's what not to ...

4 Ways to keep your baby healthy this winter


The colder months are upon us and winter seems just around the corner. What can be done to ...

5 Bad napping habits your baby may develop

Nicole Johnson

Babies can be especially prone to develop bad nap time habits. Why? Because that is when we parents ...

15 Things I wish I’d known as a young dad

A4W Contributor

After thirty years of parenting, here is a list of 15 things I wish I'd known as a ...

3 Reasons why switching to cloth nappies is a good idea

A4W Contributor

Sure, there are moms who swear by traditional flat diapers, but moms who are after convenience will delight ...

3 Tips to keep a rising temperature under control

Chicco South Africa

Moms, it's important to keep a rise in temperature under control without panicking.

10 ways to calm a fussy baby


Babies cry. A lot. At times, this might leave you feeling overwhelmed and desperate not knowing what your ...

10 Mom memes guaranteed to make you laugh


There's nothing quite like a meme to capture the essence of living the 'mom life'. Here's a collection ...

10 No-nonsense tips for new parents


Although most moms find me a bit too cut and dry for their taste, here are 10 no-nonsense, ...

10 Signs you have a newborn


As if the dirty bottle graveyard encompassing your kitchen didn't clue you in, here are 10 other ways ...

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