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Officers assist pregnant woman to give birth outside police station

Heroes: Cops become “midwives”, help mom deliver baby at police station gate

Naadiya Adams

Two police officers from Nelspruit went beyond the call of duty to assist a woman to give birth ...

Safety Pin Removed From Three Month Old Babys Throat

Doctors remove safety pin from 3-month-old’s throat

Magazine Features

When she arrived by ambulance, Paramedics said she had a “foreign body in the respiratory tract.” It was ...

SA moms give advise to new moms that they never got.

What SA moms wish they’d been told BEFORE their child’s birth

Karabo Mokoena

Here are 5 things South African moms would say to a friend who is pregnant about what to ...

Trans Man Gives Birth To Baby Girl In Brazil

Trans man gives birth to a bouncing baby girl in Brazil

Magazine Features

Rodrigo Bryan da Silva, 33, and his partner, Ellen Carine Martins da Silva, 25, welcomed little Isabella Vitoria ...

Can you regift items you received at your baby shower?

Baby showers: What do SA moms do with duplicated gifts & the ones they don’t need?

Karabo Mokoena

It's easy for moms to get three or four of the same items, especially if there was no ...

Newborn baby born with Covid antibodies

Newborn tests positive for Covid-19 antibodies after mom’s vaccine shot

Karabo Mokoena

A recent case study detailed the birth of a baby born with COVID-19 antibodies. His mother received a ...

Do pregnant moms need a doula?

How a doula can guide you on an empowering birth & post-partum journey

Karabo Mokoena

The reassurance given by a professional doula gives women the confidence they need to trust their bodies and ...

Nike ad shows moms as "the toughest athlete"

Powerful new ad: Nike celebrates mothers & female strength

Karabo Mokoena

In a moving and awe-inspiring ad by Nike, women (and mothers) are reminded of the innate strength that ...

The importance of consulting a lactation expert.

Why you shouldn’t be ashamed to consult a lactation expert

Karabo Mokoena

Like most things in life, mastering breastfeeding may require some guidance, and a lactation consultation serves this very ...

Mental health for new moms

New mom? How to keep your mental & physical wellness in check

Sister Yolanda Mpilo

here's a guide for new moms ton how to keep their balance, or re-balance themselves mentally during this ...

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