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Dad abandons girlfriend & newborn, runs off to pay lobola for someone else!

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South Africans were shocked to hear about Nonkululeo Sibiya’s experience shortly after giving birth to her third child, ...

Should you consider self-rescue survival swimming lessons for your 6-month-old?

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A swimming baby? This might seem like an impossible task to teach a 6-month-old, but it could save ...

Introducing mrpBaby! Who’s feeling broody now?

A4W Contributor

How adorable is the new baby range from MrP?! The range includes body vests, sleepsuits, dresses, shorts, shoes, ...

Baby without a face

“Faceless” baby celebrates miraculous 1st birthday

Magazine Features

A baby who became known as “the faceless baby” after being born without eyes, nose and part of ...

Wheel Well initiative

Save an innocent life: Donate your used car seat to a parent and child in need


Did you know that child car seats reduce the risk of injury by as much as 82% for ...

conjoined twins

Extremely rare conjoined ‘spider twin’ girls born to woman in India

Magazine Features

The 25-year-old mum, from Shahjahanpur, India, was unaware she was carrying conjoined twins until she gave birth.

Baby Grace

“Miracle” as tiny baby Grace finally goes home – Born prematurely, she had a 20% chance of survival

A4W Contributor

She was born so prematurely that her birth was classified as a miscarriage. But tiny baby Grace – ...

How to build a support structure when your new baby arrives

A4W Contributor

When a new baby arrives, your life is changed completely. Although the love and joy will overwhelm you, ...

Preparing for the arrival of twins: How much do you REALLY need to buy?

A4W Contributor

Most people advise that you start shopping in your second trimester - this is after all when you ...

Why breastfeeding is best for baby (AND health benefits for mom too)

Living & Loving

Breastfeeding has SO many advantages for your baby, but did you know that there are plenty of benefits ...

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