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Fertility tracking apps

Are fertility tracking apps accurate?

Tammy Jacks

If you’re trying to conceive and thinking about using a fertility tracking app, read this before you hit ...

“It’s not me, it’s you”: What you need to know about male fertility


Did you know that male infertility accounts for up to 50% of infertility cases?...

Infertility can affect intimacy between couples||The Fertility Show South Africa

Infertility can affect intimacy between couples. Keep the flame alive with these tips

Lynne Gidish

Infertility issues can put a strain on the bond between you and your partner. Follow this expert advice ...

The heavy costs (financial & emotional) of striving to bring a child into the world

Change Exchange

Aside from the financial costs of fertility treatment, what are the relationship and social costs, as they dream ...

5 Things you may not know about infertility

Lara Bestbier

Infertility affects between 80 and 100 million couples worldwide...

The 4 essentials of falling pregnant naturally

Watch This

From monitoring your ovulation, to having regular antenatal check-ups and lots of sex, here are the four essentials ...

What are the causes of infertility – and how is it treated?

Watch This

One in six couples experience infertility...

5 Interesting home pregnancy test facts

Living And Loving Staff

Take stick, pee, wait – right? It’s not actually that simple...

WATCH: How your brain affects your ability to fall pregnant

Watch This

Learn how woman's mental state can affect her periods and ability to conceive a baby...

13 Years of trying: ‘Miracle’ Durban baby conceived after PRP procedure


A new platelet-rich plasma (PRP) procedure performed for ovarian rejuvenation in the case of premature ovarian failure in ...

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