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How to plot a fertility calendar when your period is irregular

Living And Loving Staff

When you have irregular periods, figuring out a fertility calendar can become confusing. Click here for expert advice.

egg freezing

Hot topic! Egg freezing – what you need to know

A4W Contributor

Ideally, egg freezing is a decision that should be made in your late twenties or very early thirties ...

Celebs who have overcome infertility

Debbie Harrower

Take a look through our gallery of celebrities who did whatever they could to have children.

Please stop asking when I am going to have baby #2

Stephanie Baroni

When you ask me this question, it hurts. It reminds me of a pain I felt before I ...

Hedging my baby bets: Should I freeze my eggs?

Shannon Deep

Contemplating the future makes me anxious. But what is the price of having peace of mind? And what ...

7 Things you should never say to couples battling infertility

Robyn Wolfson Vorster

If you know a couple struggling with infertility, here are seven things you probably shouldn’t say.

Ovulation calendar helps women determine fertility status

A4W Contributor

A new online ovulation calendar helps SA women determine their fertility status at any given time of the ...

Nutritional guide for expectant and breastfeeding moms

A4W Contributor

In line with World Breastfeeding Month, Futurelife dietician Lara De Santana and share nutritional tips for expectant ...

Using the pill could affect your fertility

A4W Contributor

Tick tock, the contraceptive pill could speed up the biological clock says a new Danish study.

What to expect from IVF

Robyn Wolfson Vorster

They are words that no infertile couple wants to hear: “Your best option for having a baby is ...

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