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Insure your baby against life threatening diseases

A4W Contributor

Apart from it being a valuable medical investment, there are other compelling reasons to consider storing your baby’s ...

How a doula can benefit your relationship with baby

A4W Contributor

Young mothers are more likely to breastfeed and have positive relationships with their babies when they have another ...

Giving birth with girl power

A4W Contributor

Birth should be a positive and uplifting experience. A midwife and doula are a mom's best chance of ...

Genesis Clinic gets official ‘Mother-and-Baby-Friendly’ status

A4W Contributor

Moms who’ve given birth at Joburg’s Genesis Clinic have always known the active birth clinic was mom and ...

Gentle massage may soothe stress in preterm babies


A gentle massage could help soothe stress response in preterm babies.

Get the birth you want!

A4W Contributor

If you’re a mom wanting to give birth naturally in South Africa, you might find yourself facing some ...

Funny parenting test asks: Are you really ready for kids?

A4W Contributor

Think you are ready to have children? This parenting test taking mommy blogs by a storm, MIGHT just ...

Fear of childbirth predicts postpartum depression

A4W Contributor

According to the researchers, the observed link between fear of childbirth and postpartum depression may help health care ...

Eating placentas? US moms swear by health benefits

A4W Contributor

Health trends come and go, but one post-birth fad is gaining a foothold in the United States among ...

DIY your due date in 3 simple steps

Jeanne Faulkner

If you know when your period started, that should be enough information to estimate a solid due date. ...

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