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5 Questions every expectant parent should ask in a Covid-world

A4W Contributor

Covid has impacted our entire world, including everything from travel to fashion, work to entertainment.

SA moms give advise to new moms that they never got.

What SA moms wish they’d been told BEFORE their child’s birth

Karabo Mokoena

Here are 5 things South African moms would say to a friend who is pregnant about what to ...

Do pregnant moms need a doula?

How a doula can guide you on an empowering birth & post-partum journey

Karabo Mokoena

The reassurance given by a professional doula gives women the confidence they need to trust their bodies and ...

The importance of consulting a lactation expert.

Why you shouldn’t be ashamed to consult a lactation expert

Karabo Mokoena

Like most things in life, mastering breastfeeding may require some guidance, and a lactation consultation serves this very ...

More women are considering midwifery-led care.

Why more women are choosing midwifery-led care during pregnancy

Karabo Mokoena

According to Juanita "a lot of women just don't realise using a midwife is  a viable and safe ...

Tali’s Baby Diary is out, but THIS was not on her vision board!

A4W Contributor

In the hilarious mockumentary, an unexpected pregnancy forces Tali to become a wholesome #momfluencer - Tali's Baby Diary ...

Frida's ad on breastfeeding airs at The Golden Globes

FINALLY – An honest portrayal of breastfeeding & everything it means for moms

Karabo Mokoena

Last updated on May 2nd, 2017 at 08:34 pmThe Golden Globes is not the place one would expect ...

Former Miss SA Jo-Ann Strauss

“It’s no-one’s business except mine” – Jo-Ann Strauss claps back over tandem breastfeeding criticism

Megan van den Heever

Former Miss SA Jo-Ann Strauss has this to say to those who mommy-shamed her...

Mom gives birth ALONE, by light of cellphone torch after hospital hit by power outage

Karabo Mokoena

A mom was forced to give birth by the light of her cellphone torch – after the hospital ...


Fashion tips for new moms

Serisha Singh

Being a new mom is stressful enough with a range of things to remember. Look on point (and ...

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