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Why having the sex talk early and often with your kids is good for them

The Conversation

Talking to your kids about sex is important, even if they don’t welcome the conversation...

An open letter to ‘cool’ parents

Barbara Greenberg

We all know the parents who are trying to be cool. Sometimes you dress like your teens or ...

Exam cheating could destroy your life: Do this instead

A4W Contributor

The pressure around looming exams for matriculants and university students may bring with it considerations of cheating for ...

How parents can best support their children writing matric exams

A4W Contributor

Child writing matric? Here’s what the experts say…

10 last-minute tips to help matric learners

A4W Contributor

Knowing they are not alone and have every South African rooting for them will help them become champions...

Useful exam tip for high-school learners: Drink rooibos tea to improve concentration

A4W Contributor

Unlike coffee, which could give you the jitters followed by a crash, rooibos tea is a cleaner-burning and ...

South African parents can't afford the exorbitant school fees private schools charge|

South African parents can’t afford the exorbitant school fees private schools charge

Living And Loving Staff

But now parents have an option of getting private school quality education with government school pricing for their ...

Umalusi says schools are ready to manage and conduct the 2020 Matric examinations

Xanet Scheepers

Schools are ready for the final Matric exams and all social distancing measures have been implemented.

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