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‘Soar!’: New guidebook inspires young girls’ lives, futures, and careers

Posted on Apr 21, 2021 by A4W Contributor

Soar! is a guidebook written with a focus to inspire teen girls’ lives, futures, and careers. It features ...

Winter tips: How to facilitate more active play, less screen time

Posted on Apr 21, 2021 by A4W Contributor

Numerous international studies have revealed alarming stats about increased screen time and related health concerns.

Department of Education has failed to release vital software to schools

Posted on Apr 21, 2021 by GroundUp

Many schools are not able to capture marks and produce learner reports after the DBE failed to release ...

How to support a child with dyslexia: Expert advice

Posted on Apr 20, 2021 by Dr Greg Pienaar

Children learn and develop at their own pace, and reading is no different from any other skill. Here's ...

How to handle it when your child doesn’t want to go to school

Posted on Apr 19, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

Every mom has heard "I don't wanna go to school" at least once or twice in the past ...

“My 6-year-old son says his teacher is mean to him. Is he lying?”

Posted on Apr 14, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

Last updated on Jun 21st, 2021 at 12:20 pmIt is sometimes difficult for parents to discern between a ...

Overwhelmed by emotion or acting out? Dr Chae’s advice on disrespectful kids

Posted on Apr 6, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

When kids are 'acting out' it's not just about them purposefully being disrespectful. There are underlying emotions

New “Instagram for kids under 13” rumoured to be in the pipeline

Posted on Mar 25, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

Instagram posted a blog titled "Continuing to Make Instagram Safer for the Youngest Members of Our Community."

Substance use disorders in SA schools: How to combat the surge

Posted on Mar 18, 2021 by Louina le Roux

The use of alcohol and other drugs has long been recognised as a major health and social problem ...

School discourages students from saying ‘mom’ or ‘dad’ – to be more ‘inclusive’

Posted on Mar 18, 2021 by Karabo Mokoena

Last updated on Jun 11th, 2021 at 01:21 pmA New York City school has released a 12-page guide ...

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