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10 Tips to prevent poisoning in your home

Posted on Feb 8, 2019 by A4W Contributor

Things that seem harmless are most often extremely dangerous...

How to stimulate your toddler without breaking the bank

Posted on Feb 6, 2019 by Gayathrie Schatz

You don’t need bells and whistles to stimulate your toddler and ensure that they are school-ready. Try these ...

Did you know that these five foods can cause constipation in babies?

Posted on Jan 23, 2019 by Living & Loving

Moms spend a large portion of their day talking about poop - or lack thereof...

A bump to the head: When should you worry?

Posted on Nov 22, 2018 by A4W Contributor

Parents are almost always concerned about head injuries. Fortunately, the majority of head injuries that occur from falling ...

Cake smash! 10 Cute ideas for your baby’s first birthday

Posted on Oct 22, 2018 by Living & Loving

Get smashing with these 10 sweet ideas!...

Separation anxiety: How to handle it age-by-age

Posted on Oct 5, 2018 by Living & Loving

Separation is as hard for parents as it is for little ones...

Forget these 6 weaning myths

Posted on Sep 21, 2018 by Living & Loving

As a general rule, when your baby doubles her birth weight, it’s time to consider introducing solids...

WIN an all-terrain baby 3 in 1 travel system and designer backpack worth R10450 with Mühelos baby

Posted on Sep 5, 2018 by Shelley Armstrong

The UK’s number one parenting event The Baby Show makes its local debut on September 28 to 30...

Are prams bad for babies?

Are prams bad for babies?

Posted on Aug 16, 2018 by A.K. Turner

They’re used by parents around the world, but are prams bad for babies?

Why do we discriminate against breastfeeding moms?

Why do we discriminate against breastfeeding moms?

Posted on Jul 31, 2018 by Monique Warner

Breastfeeding moms, have you experienced discrimination – anything from a dirty look to an insensitive and unkind comment?...

Your baby could be the new face of Ackermans! Enter here!

Posted on Jul 30, 2018 by ADVERTORIAL

The Ackermans Baby of the Year will become the face of Ackermans, receive a photoshoot experience in Cape ...

Encourage body coordination (mid-line crossing) with these games

Posted on Jul 24, 2018 by A4W Contributor

Body coordination forms the foundation for reading, writing, motor planning, and gross- and fine motor skills...

Co-sleeping to cot: 5 Tips to bear in mind

Posted on Jul 17, 2018 by Living & Loving

If you’re wondering when to make the switch from co-sleeping to cot, and you’re considering moving your baby ...

Ear infections are common for babies and toddlers – here’s what you need to know

Posted on Jul 3, 2018 by Living & Loving

Five out of six children will have at least one ear infection by the time they turn three. ...

7 Things you’ll only understand if you’ve changed a toddler’s nappy

Posted on Jun 29, 2018 by ADVERTORIAL

Changing a toddler’s nappy is an entirely different experience and in honour of all those parents who have ...

When can we blame teeth for night wakings, if ever?

Posted on Jun 22, 2018 by A4W Contributor

Every mom has probably at one time or another blamed a poor night’s sleep on teeth! The question ...

Looking online for info on your child’s health? Here are some tips

Posted on Jun 19, 2018 by The Conversation

Most parents look online for information about their child’s health...

Natural cold fighting remedies for babies and children

Posted on May 30, 2018 by A4W Contributor

We’ve compiled some of our favourite natural cold fighting remedies for you to try this winter...

Cracking baby talk

Posted on Apr 25, 2018 by A4W Contributor

Baby talk is the way small children communicate and recreate their world by re-telling and interpreting experiences from ...

Sudden infant death syndrome (SIDS): Potential genetic link

Posted on Apr 3, 2018 by A4W Contributor

Rare genetic mutations associated with impairment of the breathing muscles are more common in children who have died ...

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