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What to do with the kids 30 Dec

What to do with the kids 30 December 2020: Design your own obstacle course

Tanya Badenhorst

Out of ideas on how to keep the kids busy at home? They'll love this fun game.

8 signs that your baby is overheating

8 signs that your baby is overheating

Lisa Witepski

Tiny and fragile as they look, the temptation to wrap your baby tightly is understandable. Be careful though, ...

12-month sleep regression explained

The 12-month sleep regression explained

Kim Bell

Most babies will have three sleep regressions during their first year, at four months, at eight, nine or ...

9 tips to survive witching hour with a small baby|

9 tips to survive the witching hour with a small baby

Living And Loving Staff

It's late in the afternoon, your baby's tetchy, and you're on the verge of tears yourself. Stress no ...

Join families across Mzansi in the #NayiLeWalkPampersPants dance challenge & you could WIN!


With the new Pamper’s Pants, your baby can start dancing freely from any age. Join the #NayiLeWalkPampersPants dance ...

Tips and tricks for leaking night-time nappies|Leaking night-time nappies||

Top 10 tricks and tips for leaking night-time nappies

Living And Loving Staff

Is your baby waking up in a puddle every night? Follow this tried and tested advice from a ...

Vomiting afte breastfeeding

Should I be worried if my baby vomits after breastfeeding?

Kim Bell

Here's why babies vomit and spit up after feeding and when you should be concerned.

Help baby sleep with these top tips|How to get baby to fall asleep and stay asleep

Moms and experts share their genius tricks to help your baby fall asleep and stay asleep

Tammy Jacks

Do you hold your breath every time you have to transfer your sleeping baby to her cot? Help ...

Anti-mozzie safe solutions for baby|Anti-mozzie safe solutions for baby|Anti-mozzie safe solutions for baby

6 natural mosquito repellents for babies and kids

Living And Loving Staff

Keep the mozzies away from your little one with these anti-mozzie safe solutions. By Dani Silbermann

5 things you should know about cot death|

Here’s what you can do to help prevent cot death

Living And Loving Staff

Sudden infant death syndrome is the sudden and unexplainable death of an infant younger than 1 year old. ...

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