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Baby talk encourages brain development

Posted on Jun 22, 1359 by A4W Contributor

Drop the baby talk, the best way for your baby to learn is to be spoken to like ...

3 Ways to remove your baby’s cradle cap naturally

Posted on Jun 22, 1158 by A4W Contributor

While cradle cap usually resolves on its own, it can persist and require treatment. Here are three natural ...

Bumbles™ meal planner for your 6 month old baby

Posted on Jun 22, 1141 by Bumbles Cookery Club

There's a lot to be gained by planning your baby's meals. Bumbles™ have put together a meal planner ...

Baby food: The importance of savoury

Posted on Jun 22, 0691 by Bumbles Cookery Club

Studies show that babies fed a healthy range of all the major food groups have a higher IQ ...

Is my baby ready for solids?

Posted on Jun 22, 0540 by Bumbles Cookery Club

The time has come for your baby to start onto solid foods, but the question we ask as ...

Study: Babies remember nothing but the good times

Posted on Jun 22, 0310 by A4W Contributor

Researchers performed memory tests with five-month-old babies, and found that the babies better remembered shapes that were introduced ...

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