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Join families across Mzansi in the #NayiLeWalkPampersPants dance challenge & you could WIN!


With the new Pamper’s Pants, your baby can start dancing freely from any age. Join the #NayiLeWalkPampersPants dance ...

Breast milk pump and baby lying on the white bed

Jungle juice and 3 delicious recipes to boost your breastmilk production

Zethu Sithole

Increasing your milk supply can give you some relief and could mean you are able to build up ...

Grapes PLUS 8 other things your toddler can choke on

Lara Bestbier

A choking child is any parent's worst nightmare...

Here’s how to tell if your baby or toddler has a gut imbalance (& what to do about it)


A gut imbalance could be causing your baby or toddler some discomfort, and science shows that probiotics can ...

Children & diarrhoea: Parents cautioned to take it seriously, after 2 fatalities

ANA Newswire

Despite a slow start to the 'surge season' - when higher temperatures promote an increase in the prevalence ...

Moms: Tricks to keep those pesky mozzies at bay

Lara Bestbier

Always a nuisance, mozzies turn into full-blown enemies when you become a mom...

Mommy hacks: 4 Useful tips for moms (by moms)


They say it takes a village to raise a child: Why not start with a village of moms?...

WATCH: ‘Hairy’ baby girl turns heads at seven months old!

Watch This

She may just be seven months old, but Scarlett Godsall has a full head of luscious locks! And ...

Expert tips: How to get your baby to sleep through the night

Watch This

If your baby or toddler’s unsettled sleep is keeping you up all night, watch this video!...

6 Must-read tips for sun-safe kids

Lara Bestbier

The lowdown on keeping your little ones safe in the sun...

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