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World Adoption Day

Why I am celebrating World Adoption Day

Brenda Munro

This year, miraculously, I can finally join so many other adoptive families and say: “Happy World Adoption Day, ...


Yesterday, today, tomorrow – adoption completes the circle

Thomas Jordi

Adoption facilitates the creation of a new present, a new future and it also re-writes the past - ...

Welcoming an angel to the clan

Brenda Munro

When I discovered at age 18 that I could not have kids due to a genetic condition, I ...

I’m just a mom

Lisa Casson

You see, I didn’t choose adoption to be selfless. I chose it because I wanted children. It was ...

adoptive parents

The privilege of being black adoptive parents

Thandi Nkomo

I dreamed of the day we’d receive our call about a baby we had been matched with. It ...

Maternity leave for all

A4W Contributor

Adoptive parents want South African law to change to ensure compulsory maternity leave for primary caregivers

adoption wait

The 7-year adoption wait

Thandi Nkomo

It has taken us seven years to get past one long detour that seemed to take us off ...

adopting an older child

All about adopting an older child

Elke Day

You as a parent are the key to 'rewiring' your adopted child, helping them to know that they ...


Yes, these kids belong to me

A4W Contributor

Life is interesting when you don’t look like your kids and they don’t look like you. No, we ...


Can you love a child?

Justin Foxton

Adoption takes a life out of a rubbish bin, off a sidewalk or away from the evils of ...

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