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Jeremy Olivier of The Voice SA: A beautiful story of love, loss and adoption

A4W Contributor

First shared by 'Lead SA', this is Jeremy's amazing story of love, loss, adoption and above all, fatherhood ...


Adoption: It’s not my story to tell

Alexa Russell Matthews

In the first week of being together we already ran into questions and statements – some well-meant, some ...


Yes, they really are mine

Thomas Jordi

People still see adopted children as inferior to biological ones and this needs to change ...

adoptive dads

Video: 3 Stupid questions adoptive dads get asked

Terence Mentor

Here are three of the most annoying questions I've been asked as an adoptive dad ...


When it comes to adoption, just do it

Thandi Nkomo

There are so many reasons not to adopt, according to some. So many reasons not to complicate your ...


Beautiful, but predicated on loss – this is adoption

Thandi Nkomo

Adoption is beautiful but adoption is predicated on loss. I am thankful that your choice was to put ...


When the road is long and you would like to forget about adoption

Julie Kynaston

Adoption is beautiful, and I’ll spend my life believing in it and advocating for it. But the flip ...


Finding the marvellous in the mundane

Thandi Nkomo

The marvellous far outweighs the mundane, because in the mundane, I see the blessings I do not deserve ...


Video: 7 Things to think about before adopting

Terence Mentor

Here are the seven things you need to know that might help you make the decision on whether ...

aborted twin girls

Dear aborted twin girls, we failed you

Robyn Wolfson Vorster

Dear innocents. We failed you and nothing we do can bring you back. But, your death did not ...

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