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Things to consider before adopting

A4W Contributor

Deciding to adopt is a big decision to make. It would completely change both your life and the ...

step parent adoption

All about step-parent adoptions in South Africa

Elke Day

There have been many queries about step-parent adoptions and there seems to be little information regarding what is ...


The love, joy and bittersweet cost of adoption

Change Exchange

For some couples, starting a family can be a long and painful process, a cycle of hope and ...


Adoption: ‘We chose him’

Thandi Nkomo

Adopting a baby is almost like falling pregnant. You hope for the best but you have no idea ...

Are you ready to have a child? 3 Questions to ask yourself

A4W Contributor

Having a child is one of the biggest decisions you can possibly make. You’ll no longer only be ...

The legal side of IVF, surrogacy and adoption

Helen Suzman Foundation

We have all heard of the terms IVF (in vitro fertilisation), surrogacy and adoption but what does it ...

Welcoming your newly adopted bundle of joy

A4W Contributor

Welcoming your adopted baby or child into your home and family can present challenges. The journey must be ...


Adoption: Before the birthday candles

Alexa Russell Matthews

So before the candles celebrating a year of his life are lit, there is another life I want ...

birth mothers

Birth mothers: The unsung heroes

Thomas Jordi

Thank you to the birth moms. Thank you for your sacrifice, for not giving up on our children, ...

Mother's Day

Mother’s Day – the bitter and the sweet in equal measure

Thandi Nkomo

I am their mother because their mothers believe I have everything they need ...

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