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14 Things I learned after caring for 14 babies

ANA Newswire

To save you the emotional trauma (there was loads of that) of having to care for 14 babies ...

8 Common misconceptions about adoption

A4W Contributor

There are many misperceptions about adoption which may impact people’s decision to adopt...

Sobering stats: 2 out of 3 abandoned babies die

A4W Contributor

The National Adoption Coalition of SA (NACSA) has launched new research into the incidence of child abandonment and ...

Are you ready to be a single parent?

A4W Contributor

Being a parent is difficult. Being a single parent is even more difficult. But, sometimes, there comes a ...


How I explained adoption to a class of 6-year-olds

Julie Kynaston

Some moms and dads choose to grow a baby in the mommy’s tummy while others ask a social ...

7 Famous people you didn’t know were adopted

Debbie Harrower

The fact that people are willing to take in, raise and love a child who is not their ...

Watch: Emotions run high as identical twin girls are reunited

A4W News

Audrey Doering of Wisconsin and Gracie Rainsberry - now 10 years old - of Washington were adopted shortly ...

Adoption: The bittersweet in ‘the call’

Alexa Russell Matthews

If you are an adoptive parent, who has waited, or is waiting you will know EXACTLY what I ...


How I REALLY want to respond to dumb adoption questions

Jill Robbins

Just for fun, here are some of the answers I wish I could give to people who ask ...


The right way to adopt (adoption dos and dont’s)

A4W Contributor

The adoption process is a melting pot of red tape, emotions, paperwork and patience. But it's all for ...

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