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Residents worry that Dnb logistics park will worsen pollution-related illnesses

Posted on Sep 15, 2017 by

Residents of Clairwood are expected to turn up in their numbers at the KwaZulu-Natal High Court in Durban ...

Rush hour pollution is more dangerous than we think

Posted on Jul 27, 2017 by A4W Contributor

We know that exposure to pollution during rush hour traffic can be hazardous to our health, but it's ...

Is Alzheimer’s disease in the air?

Posted on Jun 19, 2017 by A4W Contributor

Could the air we breathe have an impact on the development of Alzheimer’s disease?...

Caring for chemically treated hair

Posted on May 31, 2017 by Chantelle Bester

If you regularly relax, colour or perm your hair, you need to take special care of it. Here ...

Choking pollution – Delhi shuts schools, halts construction to tackle smog

Posted on Nov 7, 2016 by ANA Newswire

On Sunday, the Indian capital announced a slew of measures to combat the crippling air pollution that has ...

Purify the air with these 10 indoor plants

Posted on Aug 29, 2016 by A4W Contributor

If your home is feeling a bit stuffy, try one these plants that help to clean and purify ...

Reasons for hair loss in women (and what you can do about it)

Posted on Aug 24, 2016 by A4W Contributor

Not many people understand that hair loss can be caused by stress, illness, medication and even pollution, and ...

Factors that can cause hair damage

Posted on Aug 14, 2016 by Shenrina Badri

There are several factors that can cause hair damage …

Restaurant in China charges extra for clean air

Posted on Dec 15, 2015 by ANA Newswire

Clean air has its price in China: because of the smog a restaurant in the eastern city of ...

In the air and harming women’s fertility

Posted on Mar 30, 2015 by A4W Contributor

Many cities and suburbs have high levels of air pollution that may affect women’s fertility, according to research.

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