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Reflexology can help you fall pregnant

Posted on Oct 23, 2008 by Patricia Brown

An interesting thought I had the other day was how many of the Reflexology therapists I have spoken ...

Varicose veins – prevention and treatment

Posted on Oct 6, 2008 by Dr. Liesl Roome

What are varicose veins? Varicose veins are veins that have lost the functionality of their valves. This results ...

Urinary Incontinence and Exercise

Posted on Aug 19, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

53.2 % of adult women in the US have urinary incontinence (UI), or the inability to hold in ...

Gout Cause and Cure

Posted on Jun 9, 2008 by Caitlin de Kok

Many at the village pump still believe that gout is caused by the excess consumption of Port and ...

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