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Simon Gear’s weather update: Dare we dream of thunderstorms?

Simon Gear

After two full weeks of heatwave conditions across the central and eastern parts of South Africa, finally the ...

Weekend weather update – with Simon Gear

Simon Gear

It is October. In Pretoria, they’ve been pinging the 37 degree mark for weeks.

Weather: Prepare for mozzies and a heatwave

Simon Gear

I was bitten by my first mosquito of the season last night. Twice on the thigh. Kwa! Kwa!

Weekend weather: Braai for the Bokke says Simon Gear

Simon Gear

There is something deeply pleasing about watching sport on TV when the weather is one way at your ...

Big news! Weather guru, Simon Gear, joins All4Women team

A4W News

He’s a professional speaker and MC, environmental scientist, climatologist and runner. And now he’s the official weather guru ...

Weather: This summer is going to be hot, hot, hot – Simon Gear

Simon Gear

If this week was anything to go by, it is going to be a long, hot summer in ...

‘Fake’ security guards tripped up by stolen hairpieces

Two men, who were allegedly part of a group dressed in security guard uniforms who stole 121 boxes ...

Weekend weather: A wet weekend ahead for parts of the country

A4W News

Some parts of the country will experience a wet weekend ahead, while others will enjoy some perfect braai ...

Weather: Warmer weekend ahead for South Africans

There are no severe weather warnings for the weekend ahead, and the snow seems to have come to ...

Weekend weather: SA warms up

Snow and freezing temperatures are not expected over the coming long weekend as temperatures around SA warm up ...

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