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Yet another commodity boom might pass us by

South African Institute of Race Relations - IRR

The unexpected uptick in commodity prices should provide a great boost to South Africa's mining industry, says the ...

Budget 2017: Only growth can balance the books

A4W Contributor

In the end, only sustained firmer economic growth can make the fiscal numbers add up ...

How the Nats aided the SACP

John Kane-Berman

John Kane-Berman says the white government's response to the communist threat was a lesson on how not to ...

The ANC: Masters of the art of disinformation

John Kane-Berman

Various journalists have worked themselves into a lather about the arrival of a supposedly 'post truth' or 'post-fact' ...

The rise and rise of Rhodes

John Kane-Berman

John Kane-Berman says the scholarships continue to go from strength to strength …

Mayor Mashaba’s back-to-basics approach is almost revolutionary

John Kane-Berman

No mention of race or sex, no attempt to blame the city's ills on colonialism and apartheid or ...

“Saved” from Jacob Zuma and then what?

John Kane-Berman

John Kane-Berman on what needs to be done once the President goes …

The devil is in the detail of the Hate Bill

John Kane-Berman

John Kane-Berman says legislation smuggles in a curtailment of free speech, behind promise to clampdown on 'racism' …

The slide towards the lawless South African state – IRR

John Kane-Berman

The founding ideals of post-apartheid South Africa are under serious threat as the state slides into lawlessness …

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