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How Malema destroyed the NPA’s case against Zuma in 365 days – IRR

South African Institute of Race Relations - IRR

‘It is a remarkable fact that for all the damage Julius Malema inflicted on the justice system, he ...

natural hair

A history of myths about black hair – From slavery to colonialism & school rules

The Conversation

It’s not just fashion or trends: throughout history, black women’s hair has fascinated artists and photographers and has ...

Next week’s budget – between a rock and a hard place

Peter Mansfield

If the ANC fails to take some meaningful steps to ‘cleanse’ the budget, Ramaphosa and the ANC will ...

If he does any of these 10 things on a dinner date, he’s NOT the one

Sasha Wyatt-Minter

These are MY 10 biggest deal breakers on a dinner date. Read more and decide whether you agree...

What if the ANC elections are stolen?

Peter Mansfield

Most internal elections (in any party) are tense affairs. There are winners and losers and bruised egos to ...

Yolisa’s last blog: It’s about new beginnings

Yolisa Qunta

A few years ago I met a bubbly, funny and unfiltered woman by the name of Leigh at ...

How to cope if you’re having suicidal thoughts

A4W Contributor

Mental health issues should not be a secret, and people who are feeling overwhelmed, anxious or depressed should ...

What I saw and heard on Black Monday

A4W Contributor

Kathy Malherbe was invited to attend The Black Monday gathering by the co-founders of the newly launched Mediation Foundation ...

Hunting with the hounds and running with the hares on race

John Kane-Berman

John Kane-Berman says when Mmusi Maimane echoes CST ideology he lets the ANC off the hook …

Why allowing the sale of horn stockpiles is a setback for rhinos in the wild

The Conversation

A South African court has ordered the government to release a permit to the world’s largest rhino breeder, ...

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