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‘Pieces of a Woman’: New Netflix drama holds nothing back on realities of childbirth

Karabo Mokoena

Finally, a childbirth scene that does not portray childbirth as a 2-minute-drama! We review Netflix's 'Pieces of a ...

op view of woman hands in warm sweater with coral coloured 2021 diary book on table. Future plans and achievements for new year 2021. Wellbeing lifestyle

My New Years Resolution is to change how I make resolutions

Zethu Sithole

I’ve finally learned the difference between self-care and self-pity! #NewYears2021 #NewYearsResolutions

We should all be enRaged: Selfishness & greed behind second wave

Claire Warneke

Who decided to give the go-ahead for the matric rage parties to take place around the country just ...

Matric Rage: We need answers – What happened to safety first?

Claire Warneke

The world is battling the coronavirus pandemic, but it seems that those organising and attending the various matric ...

Definitely not friends: Zondo lays criminal charges against Zuma

Why Zondo’s refusal to step down from corruption probe was the right call

The Conversation

The test for recusal is that an objective and informed person would have a reasonable apprehension that the ...

Finding joy in 2020? It’s not such an absurd idea, really

The Conversation

In the midst of a year in which it is not difficult to stumble onto suffering, the good ...

What does the medium-term budget mean for me and my pension?

A4W Contributor

The speech quotes many economic concepts and numbers that have been deeply affected by the Covid period and ...

gap cover

What is gap cover, should I have it, and can I afford it?

A4W Contributor

We are living in unprecedented times for many reasons, and the effects of the Covid-19 pandemic on the ...

Empathy is a woman’s superpower. Or is it? – Best selling author weighs in

A4W Contributor

Are women prone to empathising more deeply and naturally? Or, is it a lifetime of social ‘training’ that ...

court courtroom south africa

92 Cases struck from court roll in three months due to police inefficiency


“Dockets are disappearing in different police stations. Cases are just disappearing off the roll”

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