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Food price spike: Families battle to fork out almost R200 extra for staples

A4W News

According to the PMBEJD, families are now paying an average of almost R200 extra per basket since it ...

Job hunting in a pandemic? Where to look for work & how to stand out from the crowd

A4W Contributor

Here are some of the basic guidelines and strategies for job hunting during a pandemic to help you ...

Inspiring! These winning women prove that females can do anything

Inspiring! These winning women prove that females can do anything

Andile Mthimkhulu

When one sees women thriving in careers society often views as reserved only for men, it is truly ...

SA-born Elon Musk is now the richest man in the world – But he’s not phased

Tinashe Venge

South Africans across the country are proudly claiming Elon Musk's latest victory as he became the wealthiest man ...

4 Cool & stylish summer outfits that are also fit for work

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As we head back to work to face the new year, we’ve put together some workwear ideas that ...

Back to work in Level 3 – How to manage the balancing act between income and health

A4W Contributor

Millions are preparing themselves to go back to work during this most uncertain and dangerous of times. Back ...

How to build a personal brand & stand out in the job market

A4W Contributor

You have to separate yourself from the competition and be more appealing to potential employers. It’s much easier ...

How Shiela Yabo broke a “generational curse” to build a beautiful home & career

Claire Warneke

“No one is coming to save us so we need to bet on ourselves first. When we become ...

Second wave brings new dangers for back-to-work 2021 – Here’s what to do

A4W Contributor

Companies need to implement proactive measures to avoid a coronavirus outbreak at the office in January

Call for 4,5% wage increase for domestic workers

Call for 4,5% wage increase for domestic workers


A majority of members of the National Minimum Wage Commission has recommended that the minimum wage be lifted ...

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