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New trains & stations planned for expansion of Gautrain

A4W News

The MEC for Roads and Transport, Ismail Vadi, has released a statement on the proposed expansion of the ...

AA clarifies Facebook frenzy over “new” speed limits & road laws

Automobile Association of South Africa

Speed limits haven't changed and trucks cannot be pulled off the road during certain hours …

Imagine having a built-in modem with wi-fi in your car?

A4W Contributor

“Are we nearly there yet?” could become “Are we there already?” as harassed parents will soon be able ...

Slight fuel price drop before levy kicks in

Automobile Association of South Africa

Rand strength, and a retreat of international petroleum prices, have combined to produce a surprise drop in fuel ...

Great news: Possible fuel price relief for October!

Fuel price shock: Levy increase a huge burden for SA consumers – AA

Automobile Association of South Africa

The announcement by Finance Minister Pravin Gordhan that 30 cents/litre will be added to the general fuel levy ...

Your car could become your virtual personal assistant (and even know when you’ve had a bad day at the office)

A4W Contributor

We are now used to cars that understand what we say. Experts predict that in future they may ...

What you need to know about your windscreen


Having comprehensive car insurance means you are likely to be covered in case your windscreen gets damaged ...

Buying a new car: Your pre-ride guide

A4W Contributor

Before you pick out your next car, make sure to do a bit of homework beforehand and ask ...

Hijackings & smash-and-grabs: What to DO & what NOT to do

Automobile Association of South Africa

Hijackings, and smash-and-grab incidents, can occur anytime, and anywhere. Recent reports suggest an increase in both these classes ...

SA hijacking hotspots & most-targeted cars revealed

Arrive Alive

Statistics provided by C-Track, in partnership with Arrive Alive, have revealed the most dangerous hijacking hotspots in South ...

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