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Kid-friendly search engine gives parents peace of mind

A4W News

The Internet is considered to be a vital information resource, essential for school projects and other research activities. ...

Belly button fluff brushes & other quirky items sold online in SA

A4W Contributor

Yesteryear’s favourites are being replaced by current sensations, but at least one peculiar item is displaying surprising longevity ...

Embrace Boulevard Living with The Zone @ Rosebank

A4W Contributor

If you love the creative, urban culture and the cosmopolitan vibe of Rosebank, then read on to see ...

Traditional universities are on the way out: online is the future for Africa

The Conversation

Research suggests that the traditional university has seen its heyday and can no longer survive the changes in ...

UCT issues urgent appeal to property owners for student accommodation

A4W Contributor

The University of Cape Town (UCT) has issued an urgent request for property owners in the areas surrounding ...

Int. Women’s Day: Captain Du Plessis takes charge of the skies

A4W Contributor

This International Women’s Day we are #BeingBoldForChange and we are taking the time to celebrate women in the ...

Mastering the BIG move: How to prepare kids & pets

A4W Contributor

Moving home is an exciting experience and a new beginning but it also ranks very high on the ...

How many have taken their own lives through legal euthanasia?

The Conversation

In places where it's legal, how many people are ending their lives using euthanasia?

Dream it! Plan it! Experience it! At The Wedding Expo Jo’burg


You will find a world of rich inspiration for the perfect wedding day at The Wedding Expo, where ...

The 3 big lessons I’ve learned about love, life, & growing older

Change Exchange

In the void left by loss, love steps in to fill the heart with the realisation that growing ...

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