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A year of blursdays: How coronavirus distorted our sense of time in 2020

The Conversation

Does it feel like 2020 went on forever? Did lockdown drag? You're not alone. Here's how #2020 became ...

How to make your 2021 vision board work for you

A4W Contributor

After a year of sucker-punches and unexpected plot twists; a vision board is also a great way to ...

op view of woman hands in warm sweater with coral coloured 2021 diary book on table. Future plans and achievements for new year 2021. Wellbeing lifestyle

My New Years Resolution is to change how I make resolutions

Zethu Sithole

I’ve finally learned the difference between self-care and self-pity! #NewYears2021 #NewYearsResolutions

Woolworths launches Woolies Dash trial - same-day delivery, with a difference

Woolworths launches Woolies Dash trial – same-day delivery, with a difference

A4W Contributor

Woolworths is delighted to announce the trial launch of its new on-demand, same-day delivery service, Woolies Dash...

WATCH: Are facemasks here to stay? Yes, say experts

Watch This

While some were hoping that 2021 would bring a refreshing start to the new year, and that Covid-19 ...

6 Budget-friendly stocking filler ideas

Tamryn Sher

Whether you’re a beauty lover, chocoholic or ‘green’ goddess. We’ve got stocking filler suggestions for everyone in this ...

Merry “Affordable Christmas” & happy “Frugal New Year”! – How to keep your budget in check this season

Carla Oberholzer

Don't let this year's festivities unnerve you and your finances. Take a deep breath, do what will work ...

Shocking: Another bakkie on the list of LEAST safest cars on our roads

Automobile Association of South Africa

In their mission to get government to implement higher safety measures for vehicles sold to the South African ...

Black Friday

Bleh: Black Friday 2020 was pretty bleak – What did you think of it?

A4W Contributor

Media headlines leading up to this year’s anticipated Black Friday ‘mayhem’ called into question how consumers would react ...

A Joburg girl’s guide to a weekend in the Mother-City

Tamryn Sher

One of our Joburg writers flew up to Cape Town for the weekend and this is what she ...

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