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Incredible pics: Getting creative when playing with your food

A4W Contributor

This really gives new meaning to the term, playing with your food.

How to stop being paranoid


Are you always scared that something bad is going to happen to you? Do you see a conspiracy ...

How to embrace change in our daily lives


Change is a constant. From one perspective, change is something to be feared, yet from another, it can ...

Friday nostalgia – Kids of the ’90s

A4W Contributor

This Microsoft advert will take you back to the days of yo-yos, tamagotchis and hungry hippos.

Arm knitting is the new craze


There's a new craze sweeping the knitting world. Why not try it out? You don't need needles - ...

What to do if your handbag is stolen


Typically, your handbag contains all the items and documentation that makes the practicalities of life possible.

Are you a social… farter, nibbler or earwax picker?

A4W Contributor

A clever parody of social smoking! Are you perhaps one of these people? A farter, nibbler or earwax ...

AXE winner Mandla will be the first black African in space

Leigh van den Berg

Mandla Maseko from Pretoria has won a spot on AXE Apollo's space plane, expected to blast off into ...

How to be an attractive woman


An attractive woman is someone who can be described as physically beautiful, genuine, exciting, interesting, knowledgeable and/or stimulating.

Photos: Christmas and animals – a good mix

Debbie Harrower

You will love these adorable photos of animals dressed in little Christmas hats and outfits...

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