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WeddingHappy – The all-in-one app that helps you plan, track, and budget your big day

Change Exchange

Planning a wedding can be extremely stressful. Trying to keep track of all the ‘to dos’ as well ...

Introducing South Africa’s first #datafree reverse billing video conferencing platform


VEEDO's reverse billing means that your company pays the data bill for your next video conferencing call. This ...

WOW! Seaweed rugs & pineapple leaf “wool” – Designers’ stunning plant-based furnishings

ANA Newswire

You can find things like bark, leaves and seeds transformed into vegan leather, fabric and organic plastic.

Parkflix: coming soon to KZN


Parkflix is a modern-day version of the classic drive-in concept from way back when... and it's launching soon ...

WOW! Put on your headphones and experience the Keukenhof gardens with 8D sound!


While travelling has been halted for most people around the world, one airline has turned to tech to ...

“Become a digital ninja” and develop career soft skills during lockdown – Expert

ANA Newswire

"To stand out in the job market in future, employers and recruiters are going to be paying much ...

Tesla says its cars automatically stop for traffic lights & stop signs

ANA Newswire

The feature will slow the car whenever it detects a traffic light, including those that are green or ...

Children at higher risk online during lockdown – UNICEF


Children are at higher risk online during the Covid-19 pandemic due to an unprecedented rise in screen time, ...

Digital safety: What parents need to know about online sexual predators


Tweens and teens do not understand the concept of permanent consequences of their actions, and very much live ...

10 Tips for Zoom security and privacy


10 security and privacy tips for Zoom users. (Most of them apply to other video messengers too)...

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