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Clarens Wellness Day Spa

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Getting away from it all in the picturesque little village called Clarens in Free State, Clarens Wellness Day Spa offers the elements for the ideal Day Treat, mid-week or Weekend Breakaway.

In Wellness, WHAT you offer is not as important as HOW you offer it. They concentrate on the HOW. Their Professionalism, Inner Peace and Natural Beauty enable them to make every Treatment an Unforgettable Experience. They have a passion for what they do and extensive research makes sure the treatments are the best, compared to most spas.

Getting away from it all in the picturesque little village called Clarens, they offer all the elements for an ideal Day Treat, mid-week or Weekend Breakaway - a getaway to tranquillity and a destination that rekindles the story book image of peace and contentment.

This little village lies at the foothills of the Maluti Mountains, and is described by some as the most beautiful village in the Free State. The surrounding Sandstone Cliffs, together with magnificent views of the Maluti Mountains offer the opportunity to experience the beauty of the Eastern Free State at its finest. The surrounding natural beauty creates the ideal atmosphere to ensure an unforgettable experience.

The Clarens Wellness Product Range.

Africology Vision: Their passion for plant life, the restorative power of essential oils, and the wisdom of traditional healers is respected, and it is their intention to share this wisdom with all.

To develop people, their potential, and the opportunity to live their life to the fullest is the aim of the spa.

A positive inner world creates an ageless being with unlimited potential, creating physical realities that are beautiful. A safe world starts with the consciousness of the person.

All their skincare treatments focus on de-stressing and anti-aging cell renewal care. Rich in natural oils, vitamins and minerals, their velvety textured treatments nourish the skin to restore elasticity and softness, stimulating cell growth naturally and promoting a healthy glow establishing that 'Africology Radiance'.

Therapeutic skincare treatments draw you into a space filled with aromas of healing rose, exotic jasmine, sensory neroli, soothing lavender, stimulating rosemary and eucalyptus. The skin is warmed gently with healing compresses and circulation is encouraged through deeply relaxing holistic and massage techniques.

Two of the main Ingredients:

African Potato balances the immune system and keeps it regulated. It is an African root, much like a potato or a turnip plant. Inedible as a vegetable, it has been used traditionally in Africa to keep away colds and fight infections. It is currently being used to treat AIDS patients, whose immunity is severely compromised.

Aloe Vera is a valuable plant rich in nutritional healing compounds and minerals, amino acids, lipids, enzymes and mono saccharides. Traditional healers apply aloe juice to wounds, and it is also used internally as a general tonic. All over the world aloe extract is gaining popularity for its benefits in the treatment of burns, bites, eczema, dermatitis, acne and psoriasis.


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Physical address: 410 Main Street; Clarens; Free State (SA); 9707

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