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Set of different sauces - ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue, soy, teriyaki, mustard, grain hills, pesto, adzhika, chutney, tkemali, pomegranate sauce on white marble background. Top view copy space

We made (and enjoyed) these 3 delicious sugar-free sauces: Perfect for dieters

A4W Contributor

Make and stash your own condiments for a tasty and not-so-naughty treat without all the sugar. 

close up photo woman with constipation or diarrhoea sitting on toilet with her pants down arround her legs and a lot of toilet paper rolls on the floor

Could exercise be causing you constipation? + How to resolve it

A4W Contributor

If you've just started a new workout routine and suddenly feel constipated, your body may be in shock.

Angry sportswoman gesturing thumbs down in city outskirts

5 Effective weightloss workouts that DON’T involve running

A4W Contributor

You can still sweat off the kilos without ever putting on a pair of running shoes

3 Ways frozen food can help you reach your weight loss goals


There are health and nutritional benefits to frozen food. Improving your overall health can be as easy as ...

10 years, 30kgs: How Unathi continues to inspire Mzansi through her weightloss journey

Tinashe Venge

Unathi Nkayi's 10 year weightloss story inspired dozens of South Africans to open up about their own body ...

Adele weight loss 2021

Adele loses even more weight – Here’s how she’s doing it

A4W Contributor

Although most fans were shocked by Adele's extreme transformation, Adele did not shed an estimated 44 Kgs overnight. ...

88-year old gym bunny says age is nothing but a number

A4W Contributor

She first hit the gym at 50 when a Dr recommended exercise for her sore knee and while ...

Unathi shares hot bikini photo 10 years after dramatic weight loss

Unathi shares hot bikini photo 10 years after dramatic weight loss

Andile Mthimkhulu

Unathi is one of the most inspirational queens South Africa has been blessed to have.

Smiling happy woman enjoying shopping at the supermarket, she is leaning on a full cart, lifestyle and retail concept

Is a high-fat or low-fat diet better for you?

A4W Contributor

While there is an abundance of products and advantages to support both lifestyle choices there are also risks ...

Very low calorie diet

What happens inside your body on a very low calorie diet

A4W Contributor

What happens inside your body when you adopt this extreme way of eating and how does it contribute ...

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