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confident plus size girl holding jumping rope while standing with hand on hip on pink

Grab a rope: 7 reasons why skipping is so good for you

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Not only is jumping rope a fun, affordable and portable form of exercise, it also has many benefits ...

Rihanna eats what she wants

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Chart-topping singer Rihanna has insisted she won’t “deprive” herself of any foods...

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Taking a break from your diet helps long-term weight loss

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Research shows that having intermittent breaks from your diet may actually help you keep the weight off in ...

New Year fitness and building muscles resolution. Woman in santa claus hat lifting dumbbells weights, on blue. Goal achievement in training.

Don’t punish yourself with excerise

A4W Contributor

In a new study funded internally by the National Cancer Institute, Segar and co-investigators analyzed what women say ...

Woman using scale surrounded by food and alcohol after party on floor, top view. Overweight problem

Five tricks to avoid holiday weight gain

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The holidays are here and so are the many reasons weight loss tops most people's new year resolutions ...

Family celebrating Thanksgiving day. Flat-lay of feasting peoples hands clinking glasses with rose wine over Friendsgiving table with traditional Fall food, roasted turkey, pumpkin pie, top view

The diet-proof holiday meal: Seven ways to stay on track this season

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You can avoid this psychological turmoil by adding "new favourites" to the traditional dishes

Rebel Wilson hits weight loss goal – We are SO inspired by her epic journey!

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Rebel Wilson has hit her weight loss goal of 75kg! Some serious #NewYearsResolutionInspo here!

Rachel Kolisi shares weight loss journey & reveals secret to her killer legs

Rachel Kolisi shares weight loss journey & reveals secret to her killer legs

Andile Mthimkhulu

Rachel Kolisi has shared her amazing weight loss journey and revealed her secret to killer legs...

37920746 - lazy woman in sport clothing sitting front of the tv and doesn't wont to exercise.

Lost your motivation to work out? Here’s why – and how to get back on track

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After months of fluctuating social restrictions, many people are reporting on social media that they’ve suddenly lost their ...

Two smiling young female friends in sportswear standing together by rings in a gym before a workout

Watch this: Get a workout buddy for better results

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Having a workout and healthy eating buddy doesn't just make getting healthier and into better shape more fun, ...

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