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8 Diet myths busted!

The Conversation

These misleading diet myths may the reason you aren't losing weight as fast as you could...

Overweight woman body with fat on belly - overweight and obesity concept

Can you get a flat belly without losing weight?

A4W Contributor

While many weight loss products claim to target belly fat it’s hard to understand how exactly they do ...

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How to keep your diet interesting so you can continue to see long-term results

A4W Contributor

Worldwide Nutrition Education and Training at Herbalife Nutrition, Susan Bowerman shares her tips on keeping your diet plan ...

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The not-so-secret weight loss diets that worked for Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian & Kelly Clarkson

Zethu Sithole

Here are the not-so-secret diets that gave our favourite stars their banging bodies...


How Adele ate chocolate, drank red wine and still lost over 45kg

Zethu Sithole

People all over the world are still in awe of musician Adele’s incredible weight loss...

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Eat your way to winter weight loss

A4W Contributor

We are nearing the end of the cold months and there is no better time than now to ...

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How the keto diet really works

Zethu Sithole

We spoke to registered dietitian Shelly Bowien about how and why the keto diet could work...

Weight loss fail concept. Scale and depressed, frustrated and sad woman sitting on floor holding head and arms on knees.

Why we regain weight after drastic dieting

The Conversation

Extreme dieting rarely ends in permanent weight loss. Here's why...

Full-length portrait of attractive slim young smiling woman in big jeans showing successful weight loss with her thumb up, isolated on white background

What happens when you lose weight too quickly?

Zethu Sithole

Rapid weight loss may be your goal but there are also some consequences you should beware of...

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Can skipping meals help you lose weight?

A4W Contributor

Skipping a meal here and there could mean missing out on the calories for a specific meal, but ...

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