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Close-up portrait of her she nice lovely charming attractive sad bored dull disappointed brown-haired lady looking at new green detox vitamin salad in light white interior style kitchen.

To detox or not to detox

Zethu Sithole

The effects are often shortlived and don't lead to long term health or weight loss. Is it worth ...

Mediterranean diet concept - meat, fish, fruits and vegetables on bright green background

What to eat on the Mediterranean diet + RECIPES

Zethu Sithole

Getting the benefits of the Mediterranian diet from your very own kitchen is not all that difficult...

3 Medical reasons you might not be losing weight

Zethu Sithole

Here are 3  common medical reasons you could be struggling to lose weight...

Two Overweight Women On Diet Eating Healthy Meal In Kitchen

5 Food swaps for healthier meals

Zethu Sithole

Swapping unhealthy favourites for healthier options can help you stay on your chosen eating style, and satisfy your ...

Kelly Khumalo and Mimi Mahlasela get non-surgical lipo: Does it actually work?

Zethu Sithole

It's New Year's resolution season! We are all vowing to get our acts together and finally become body ...

Excited woman measuring her waist at gym. Happy joyful mature lady expressing success after measuring herself at fitness center. Weight loss after physical training.

5 Things you need in your arsenal if you’re on a mission to lose weight

Zethu Sithole

5 things you need to buy if you're trying to lose weight...

Overweight woman training on green grass

5 Workout trends we are trying this year

Zethu Sithole

Most of us know all too well that intending to exercise more doesn't always translate to regular workouts ...

Diet breakdown and unhealthy nutrition concept. Young African American lady holding plate of sweet pastries at home. Hungry black woman having cheat meal day, eating junk food

A little bit of junk food can ruin your whole diet

A4W Contributor

Scientists have found that a little bit of junk goes a long way and could undo the benefits ...

Guess which diet has been named best diet for 2021?

Guess which diet has been named the best diet for 2021?

Watch This

US News and World Report have recently announced that the Mediterranean diet is the best diet for this ...

Food vs exercise: What makes the biggest difference in weight loss?

The Conversation

Searching for the best way to lose weight? Should the emphasis be on diet, or can the solution ...

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