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Health benefits & cancer-fighting properties of mushrooms

A4W Contributor

Mushrooms contain phytochemicals that are found to specifically supress BREAST & PROSTATE CANCER…

children feeding with breastmilk or infant formula powdered baby milk and toys on gray table background top view

Why many South African mothers give up breastfeeding their babies so soon

The Conversation

Globally, numerous policies and programmes have been put in place to promote and support breastfeeding. South Africa has ...

Eggs aren’t unhealthy, a lack of portion control is

A4W Contributor

There is no harm from consuming one egg a day...

Woman at supermarket pushing a shopping cart filled with fresh fruit and vegetables.

4 Cancer-fighting foods + recipes

Zethu Sithole

Last updated on May 2nd, 2017 at 08:27 pmThere is no way to prevent cancer, but there are ...

Easy, healthy recipes for your baby: Apple & banana flapjacks + Apple, guava & yoghurt popsicles

Easy, healthy recipes for your baby: Apple & banana flapjacks + Apple, guava & yoghurt popsicles


From a delicious breakfast treat the whole family will enjoy, to a hot summer’s day popsicle snack these ...

Woman Refusing Bowl Of Nut Food Offered By A Person

4 Things everyone needs to know about nut allergies

Zethu Sithole

4 Things you need to know about having a nut allergy...

Close up fun portrait of cute African girl showing white milk mustache.Isolated against light background.

Should kids be eating dairy?

A4W Contributor

No matter their income, many South African families fall short of the recommendations for 2 to 3 servings ...

Detox diet. Close-up of beautiful young shirtless woman holding piece of apple in her mouth with detox text on it while standing against white background

Detoxing: Is it healthy? Should you do it?

Zethu Sithole

We get answers to our burning detox questions and finally decide if it's actually healthy and worth it....

Portrait of a cheerful young african woman eating chocolate bar isolated over beige background

How guilt-free is guilt-free chocolate?

Zethu Sithole

Who wants to wait for a cheat day to indulge in a bite or two of chocolate? If ...

Lifegain 300g Shakes

Hamper giveaway: Win Lifegain® products worth over R900

Andile Mthimkhulu

Lifegain ® is an ALL-IN-ONE Advanced Nutritional Supplement that offers high levels of nutrition to assist in maintaining ...

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