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sugar detox

Better sleep, better skin: What really happens when you do a sugar detox

A4W Contributor

Dropping sugar isn't easy. Along with better sleep and better skin, there are loads of benefits #SugarDetox

Fat family suffering from obesity. Concept of obesity

Prevent obesity: How to shop for healthy food on a budget

A4W Contributor

We spoke to Retha Harmse, Registered Dietitian and ADSA Spokesperson on how to prevent obesity and shop for healthy food ...

Shopping, food, sale, consumerism and people concept - happy senior couple buying fresh food on the market

Look younger, feel younger: Scientists believe THIS is the simple secret to longevity!

A4W Contributor

A study by the AHA found that eating 5 fruits & vegetables a day could considerably increase the healthy years ...

Ernestine Shepard. Image from Facebook BBC

85-Year-old Ernestine is the worlds oldest female body builder. Here is how she does it

A4W Contributor

Ernestine shared her fitness routine and her diet with fitnessclone and we are taking notes...

Set of different sauces - ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue, soy, teriyaki, mustard, grain hills, pesto, adzhika, chutney, tkemali, pomegranate sauce on white marble background. Top view copy space

We made (and enjoyed) these 3 delicious sugar-free sauces: Perfect for dieters

A4W Contributor

Make and stash your own condiments for a tasty and not-so-naughty treat without all the sugar. 

close up photo woman with constipation or diarrhoea sitting on toilet with her pants down arround her legs and a lot of toilet paper rolls on the floor

Could exercise be causing you constipation? + How to resolve it

A4W Contributor

If you've just started a new workout routine and suddenly feel constipated, your body may be in shock.

Too much raw spinach can cause kidney stones – Here’s how to cook it instead

A4W Contributor

It turns out raw spinach isn't as good for us as we thought. Here's why you should think ...

green potato

“Don’t eat green potatoes” + Other everyday foods that could be toxic

A4W Contributor

We may have been eating some of these foods all our lives, we may be just one bad ...

Sweet tooth sweet personality

Why your sweet tooth could mean you’re a nicer person – according to science

A4W Contributor

Eating more sweets could make you "friendlier" but artificial sweetners won't. Your sweet tooth could be a 'good ...

Adele weight loss 2021

Adele loses even more weight – Here’s how she’s doing it

A4W Contributor

Although most fans were shocked by Adele's extreme transformation, Adele did not shed an estimated 44 Kgs overnight. ...

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