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Malaria. Treatment and prevention of disease. Syringe and vaccine. Medical concept. Selective focus

Malaria & Covid symptoms are similar: Here’s what to look out for!

A4W Contributor

"No Buzz" co-creator, Dr Sithembele Sibanda says it is important to take preventative measures, especially in #malaria hotspots

mask for protection Covid-19 or Coronavirus infection

5 Things every mama-to-be should know about COVID-19

Zethu Sithole

Here are 5 things you need to know about being pregnant and having a baby during the COVID-19 ...


You can get HPV from oral sex & 4 other facts everyone should know

Zethu Sithole

Although HPV usually goes away by itself, there is no actual cure for it yet and many are ...

Various of asian meals on rustic background , top view , place for text. Asian food concept.

What you can offer diabetic guests

Zethu Sithole

Eating a healthy and balanced diet can help you avoid type-2 diabetes. If you already have it or ...

A happy family. Mother and teen daughter at home.

3 Things your daughter needs to know about PCOS

Zethu Sithole

Here’s what you and your daughter both need to understand about PCOS...

AUCKLAND - JUNE 09 2014:Newborn Infant (Naomi Ben-Ari age 0) during hearing screening.Significant hearing loss is the most common disorder at birth. Approximately 1%-2% of newborns are affected.

What happens when infants have COVID-19?

A4W Contributor

What COVID-19 looks like in an infant younger than 3 months...

medically accurate illustration of the brain

How coronavirus affects the brain

The Conversation

There are detailed reports of brain illness emerging in people with relatively mild lung illness, in those who ...

Close-up Of Patient Hands Measuring Glucose Level Blood Test With Glucometer

CGMs, bloodless blood sugar tests and how they work

Zethu Sithole

CGMs are the bloodless blood sugar test that could change how you manage diabetes...

doctor talking to patient in hospital bed with tablet computer

Become a bone marrow donor today

A4W Contributor

Bone Marrow Registries around the world report a decline in donor registrations since COVID-19 outbreak...

COVID-19 Vaccine trails

COVID-19 vaccine: the challenges of running a trial in the middle of a pandemic

The Conversation

What you need to know about COVID-19 vaccine trial...

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