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On being a mindful parent

Xander Apps

There is research which indicates that mindfulness can help children to calm themselves, emotionally self-regulate and improve cognitive ...

5 Ways to master your mind

Beatrice Chan

They say the mind is the master, not the body, so, what if you could master your mind? ...

7 Effective ways to create healthy habits

A4W Contributor

Leading a healthy lifestyle starts with creating healthy habits. Here are fitness personality Samantha Clayton’s tips on how ...


On being a fit and healthy mom – it’s a lifestyle

Sara Lindberg

Your health is a journey with no beginning and no end. There is no set path to take ...

4 Expert tips for a healthy holiday

A4W Contributor

Ditching your healthy lifestyle over the festive season stresses the body and mind. Learn how to celebrate while ...

How to choose ingredients for healthy vegetarian meals


Creating a healthy vegetarian meal is an art of choosing and balancing ingredients, taking care of proteins, using ...

When a healthy diet turns into an eating disorder

A4W Contributor

From low-carb to raw food diets, the current diet obsessed culture may be contributing to the prevalence of ...

Want to be financially healthy in 2016? Start planning now

A4W Contributor

Achieve financial wellness in 2016 by starting your planning now. We tell you how ...

5 Tips for beautiful, healthy skin

A4W Contributor

Moisturisers are great, but beautiful, healthy skin doesn’t come in a jar. Here are five tips to help ...

How beauty at home affects your mind

Beatrice Chan

The state of your home reflects the state of your mind. Here’s how, by infusing more beauty into ...

5 Top tips for healthy beautiful skin

A4W Contributor

Protect and maintain healthy beautiful skin with these five top skincare tips...

Healthy eating at work

A4W Contributor

Eating at work can either positivity or negatively impact your diet and productivity. Is your weekday lunch box ...

Adopt a mindset of abundance

Beatrice Chan

We all want to thrive, not merely exist. One of the best ways to do that is to ...

5 Healthy ‘Braai Day’ tips

Monique Warner

With Heritage Day on Thursday, 24 September, many of us will be making the most of the spring ...

How to give your steam iron a long and healthy life

Lyndy Mansfield

Could any of us live without irons, especially our steam irons? Like every other household tool we have, ...

Are you striking a healthy balance in your life?

A4W Contributor

“It is not unusual for women to juggle many balls simultaneously, from work, relationships and children, to health ...


Tips for helping kids maintain healthy teeth on their own

AFP - Relax News

An expert shares advice for helping kids maintain their pearly whites for life as they gain independence.

6 Healthy carbs that actually help you LOSE WEIGHT

ATW Nutrition Coaching

Yes, there are a few high carbohydrate foods that I would recommend you not eat. BUT, there are ...

3 Things you can do for healthy joints

Shenrina Badri

Apart from taking supplements, there are three things that you can do to help keep your joints healthy.

Toddler nutrition: What does healthy eating really mean?

A4W Contributor

Nutrition is one of the fundamental building blocks of good quality sleep for babies, toddlers and older children.

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