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Healthy hair 101

Chantelle Bester

Ever wondered how some people just seem to have fairy princess hair? Here are some guidelines...

Healthy discipline alternatives to smacking children

A4W Contributor

While discipline has a role in assisting a child as they grow up, the need for an effective, ...


Stress might be as unhealthy as junk food

A4W Contributor

We all know that junk food is unhealthy, but a new study finds that stress may just as ...

How to have a good, healthy AND loving relationship

A4W Contributor

Creating a good, healthy, working relationship can be a difficult task even when you have all the tools, ...

healthy summer

20 Tips for a fit and healthy summer

A4W Contributor

Cara-Lisa, the South African wellness consultant behind Caralishious, shares her top tips for a fit and healthy summer…

10 Tips to keep kids healthy on a budget

A4W Contributor

There is a general misconception that eating healthily is expensive but that’s certainly not always the case. In ...

Why you should pay for healthy apps for your children

Xander Apps

The next time you consider downloading a free app rather than paying for the app, think about the ...

Reminder: Self interest is not selfish in relationships

The Gottman Institute

Finding yourself in a constant state of agreement may grow frustrating - and you might question whether your ...

Healthy kid’s party food ideas – approved by a dietitian


Healthy food definitely doesn't have to be boring! Discovery Vitality dietitians share expert tips on how to reduce ...

Guilt-free screen time: What is considered healthy technology for our kids?

Xander Apps

Spend a few minutes researching healthy technology and you’ll benefit from peace of mind and guilt-free device time ...

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