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Guidelines to a healthy pregnancy

A4W Contributor

Bringing a new life into the world is a highlight of any person’s existence. Babies come into the ...

Encourage healthy eating habits in your toddler with these tips

A4W Contributor

Always remember that food is not love. Food does not make bad situations better. Find other ways to ...

Change your mindset or stay single

Debbie Harrower

If you've clicked on this article, you're more than likely single. Maybe you're dating, maybe not, but you ...

6 Unhealthy thoughts stopping you from LOSING WEIGHT

ATW Nutrition Coaching

With everything you’ve heard and read about weight loss, you might be confused about how to lose weight ...

healthy mom

Top tips to help you become an unflappable, healthy, working mom

A4W Contributor

Even superheros need help sometimes. Weigh-Less shares their top tips to help you become an unflappable, healthy, working ...

healthy eaters

Teach kids how to read food labels plus advice on raising healthy eaters

AFP - Relax News

Aggressive marketing of fatty snacks and sugar-laden drinks has made it hard for parents to encourage healthy eating ...

Can mindfulness-therapy prevent depression relapse?

A4W Contributor

How does mindfulness-based therapy compare with antidepressants when it comes to reducing the risk of a depression relapse?

Mind shift: 5 Ways to change your life

Monique Warner

Do you want to live a remarkable life? If so, based on a lecture by Dr Steve Harris, ...

Proven benefits of Goldie Hawn’s mindful programme

A4W Contributor

Now the benefits of Goldie Hawn's mindful learning programme for children has been backed by scientific evidence.

Can a marriage without sex still be healthy?


There are times in every marriage when a couple’s sex life dwindles. This can be from external stress, ...

Mindfulness could help you slim down


If losing weight is on your New Year agenda, it may pay to be mindful of a study ...

How to choose a healthy breakfast cereal


Here's what should you look for — and avoid — when checking the ingredients of your breakfast cereal.

5 Things to bear in mind when raising a wild child

Jenifer DeMattia

My son is house trained, but that's where it ends. When he gets out in the world, he ...

How to have healthy communication in a relationship


Communication is the essence of every relationship. Here are some tips from wikiHow to help you through both ...

Must dos for a healthy mouth

Staff Writer

Taking care of our teeth and mouth is often overlooked by most people. Be sure to bear the ...

Real life: A mom’s top 11 tips for a healthy child

A4W Contributor

One day my eight-year-old daughter asked me, “mom, why am I so fat?” and in that moment I ...

6 Steps to maintaining a healthy relationship


Relationships need maintenance. Just like cars, they need to be taken care of to last a long time. ...

How to stay healthy while at work

Staff Writer

Do you often retire from the office feeling fatigued and drained? If yes, then there is something you ...

Home test for STDs offers privacy and peace of mind

A4W Contributor

A home test for STDs can be ordered online and posted to you. Confidential results and free medical ...

5 Secrets of super healthy people

Hello Doctor

What’s preventing you from living your healthiest, happiest life? To find out, let’s look at the top five ...

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