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alternative herb medicine with herbal the organic natural in the laboratory. oil capsule, natural organic.

How homeopathic anti-anxiety medicine works

A4W Contributor

Herbs like chamomile and lavender have long been used to soothe and calm the nerve, but other herbal ...

Win your share of Cheeba Africa Premium CBD hampers worth over R1 700

How CBD can boost your wellness goals + WIN a CBD hamper worth R1,700

Andile Mthimkhulu

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Selection of healthy unsaturated fats, omega 3 - fish, avocado, olives, nuts and seeds

The importance of Omega 3s + RECIPES to get your daily dose

A4W Contributor

Here's why you should be taking Omega 3s and how to get them as part of your diet

stressed woman working on a laptop at home.

Can stress make you physically sick?

A4W Contributor

While the emotional and mental impact of stress on a person is undeniable, can stress make you physically ...

Miss SA, Shudufhadzo Musida

Join Miss SA & Team Vitality to help raise awareness for SADAG!


Miss SA, Shudufhadzo Musida, partners with Team Vitality to raise awareness & funds for SADAG. Members of the ...

depression and anxiety

Signs that you (or a loved one) may be depressed

A4W Contributor

Depression is a mental health condition that can affect your daily life, but you may not even look ...

Weighing Scale In Front Of Crying Young Woman Sitting In The Living Room. Woman with an eating disorder

How diet culture could mess with your mental health

A4W Contributor

Diet culture, body image and ideas of self-worth and invariably linked and also related to a persons vulnerability ...

Hands woman holding her crotch,Female need to pee. Suffering from incontinence

Can you reverse incontinence by changing the way you think?

A4W Contributor

Heal the mental triggers that could be contributing to urge countenance by changing how you think about peeing...

62155339 - young woman feeling stressed on a pink background

60% of SADAG calls currently from women: 4 Ways to reduce stress levels

A4W Contributor

Cassey Chambers, operational director at SADAG, says more than 60% of calls coming in currently are from women…

people, emotion and teens concept - sad unhappy pretty teenage girl sitting on windowsill over summe

COVID’s mental health fallout will last a long time

The Conversation

As the pandemic enters its second year, many people will be continuing to suffer with poor mental health, ...

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