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Palm with tooth

COVID-19 survivors claim the virus is making their teeth fall out

A4W Contributor

bloodless and painless tooth loss may be one of the longterm after-effects of COVID-19 infections...

Woman with incontinence problem with HELP on paper - urinary incontinence concept

Kegels: The best exercise for better orgasms – Here’s how to do them correctly

A4W Contributor

Kegels are the best way to tighten your pelvic floor and improve your orgasms as well as deal ...

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Wearing glasses could reduce your risk of COVID-19 infection

A4W Contributor

A study claims that wearing glasses can reduce your chances of COVID-19 infection...

Adele weight loss 2021

Adele loses even more weight – Here’s how she’s doing it

A4W Contributor

Although most fans were shocked by Adele's extreme transformation, Adele did not shed an estimated 44 Kgs overnight. ...

88-year old gym bunny says age is nothing but a number

A4W Contributor

She first hit the gym at 50 when a Dr recommended exercise for her sore knee and while ...

Biochemistry science concept with DNA molecule on blue background

Can your personality predict when you’ll die?

A4W Contributor

A study done at The University of Limerick has found a link between a person, personality and their ...

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5 Things to look forward to when you hit menopause – It’s not all hot flushes & hormones

A4W Contributor

There is life on the other side of the great pause. Here's what you can look forward to ...

Smiling happy woman enjoying shopping at the supermarket, she is leaning on a full cart, lifestyle and retail concept

Is a high-fat or low-fat diet better for you?

A4W Contributor

While there is an abundance of products and advantages to support both lifestyle choices there are also risks ...

Christmas socks of family couple feet relaxing on bed having good sleep time together, enjoying resting at home in bedroom for winter holiday Xmas and New Year celebration

Wearing socks to bed could lead to better sex! – According to doctors

A4W Contributor

The jury is in: Wearing socks to bed not only helps you sleep better but increases your chance ...

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Could this simple trick put you to sleep in 5 minutes?

A4W Contributor

A Tik Tok user Psychologee shared a tip she got from her psychology professor that she claims cured ...

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