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PCOS Awareness Month: Managing symptoms & seeking help #BreakTheSilence empowers millions


It is estimated that 8 – 13% of women are affected by PCOS, many of whom may not ...

Over 1.5m views! Fans can’t get enough of Jean-Claude van Damme’s dance moves

Ntokozo Miya

Jean-Claude van Damme: The action hero gave his Facebook followers a nearly 3-minute dose of good vibes as ...

excited senior sportswoman lifting barbell

Post-menopause? Hit the weights, not the treadmill

The Conversation

Forget pilates, yoga or even taking a brisk walk in the park. Women over the age of 50 ...

Senior people with arms raised exercising while looking up at park

Keep calm – it’s the secret to ageing well

The Conversation

The long-term effects of stress are not only apparent in memory: recently it has been shown for the ...

Portrait of a crazy funny girl in summer hat holding and hiding behind a periods calendar isolated over pink background

Decode your period: What does spotting mean?

A4W Contributor

What spotting means and what you can do about it at home...

What your poop can tell you about your gut health & why it’s important

What your poop can tell you about your gut health & why it’s important

A4W Contributor

Why you need to maintain your gut health and how to do it with food.

Vaginal discomfort

Let’s talk about vaginal dryness – You’re not alone, and it can be treated

A4W News

Did you know that 63% of women over the age of 30 will experience some form of sexual ...

Woman with insomnia lying in bed with open eyes

Are you suffering from insomnia?

Watch This

Increased stress, anxiety and disrupted routines are seeing many people around the world struggling to hold on to ...

Young woman suffering from diarrhea on toilet bowl at home

Had constipation? Here are 4 things to help treat it

The Conversation

Constipated? Get natural relief to finally beat chronic constipation...

Springtime, allergies and colds: Not to be sneezed at!


Sneezing, itchy eyes and a permanently runny nose! These are all symptoms of hay fever or allergic rhinitis ...

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