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Ride share taxi service on smartphone screen. Online rideshare a

Alone & feeling vulnerable in an Uber or Lyft? Here’s what to do:

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South African TikToker, Thia_in_blossom recently shared a video about how to protect yourself if you’re feeling vulnerable while ...

Close up fun portrait of cute African girl showing white milk mustache.Isolated against light background.

Should kids be eating dairy?

A4W Contributor

No matter their income, many South African families fall short of the recommendations for 2 to 3 servings ...

Causes of acne

3 Serious causes of acne you can’t cure by clearing your skin

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While these can be treated by altering your skincare routine, there is sometimes an internal cause for acne ...

Healthy hair - what science has to say

Here’s how to actually determine if your hair is healthy or not

Zethu Sithole

Healthy hair has nothing to do with your hair colour, texture or type. Here are 3 universal ways ...

Detox activated charcoal black lemonade.

Activated charcoal doesn’t detox the body – four reasons you should avoid it

The Conversation

Although consuming activated charcoal may seem like a harmless health trend, there are several reasons you should avoid ...

Is inyongo a real illness?

Zethu Sithole

Inyongo directly translated means bile, it is a condition caused by overindulgence and which can cause bile reflux ...

Preparing for an international adventure? Here’s how to stay safe and have fun

Preparing for an international adventure? Here’s how to stay safe and have fun

A4W Contributor

If you’re someone who has itchy feet and will be booking a trip to travel abroad in the ...

xhausted office worker suffering from headache. Young woman touching head with pain face. Head ache or fatigue concept

5 Headaches you should never ignore

Zethu Sithole

Have an annoying headache? It could be more serious than you think...

Cellulite affects between 80-90 percent of women worldwide

Cellulite: What causes it, and how can I reduce its appearance without surgery?


Cellulite affects between 80-90 percent of women worldwide. Known as the ‘cottage cheese’ or ‘orange peel’ effect, it ...

Tuck into Beyoncé’s favourite cheat meal + recipe

Zethu Sithole

If you’re going to eat like the queen, then you also need to cheat like the Queen. We're ...

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