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5 Celebrities who put on weight and are happy about it

A4W Contributor

These 5 celebrities have gained weight, confidence and are happier in their bigger bodies

3d illustration of nerve cells, concept for Neurological Diseases, tumors and brain surgery.

COVID-19 could be causing survivor’s bodies to attack themselves

A4W Contributor

A link between COVID-19 and autoimmune disease has been discovered. This link could explain a number of symptoms ...

Set of different sauces - ketchup, mayonnaise, barbecue, soy, teriyaki, mustard, grain hills, pesto, adzhika, chutney, tkemali, pomegranate sauce on white marble background. Top view copy space

We made (and enjoyed) these 3 delicious sugar-free sauces: Perfect for dieters

A4W Contributor

Make and stash your own condiments for a tasty and not-so-naughty treat without all the sugar. 

close up photo woman with constipation or diarrhoea sitting on toilet with her pants down arround her legs and a lot of toilet paper rolls on the floor

Could exercise be causing you constipation? + How to resolve it

A4W Contributor

If you've just started a new workout routine and suddenly feel constipated, your body may be in shock.

Asian woman using mosquito swatter at home,Female with mosquito electric net racket in bedroom

Why am I a mosquito magnet?! + How to stop them from biting

A4W Contributor

If you find that you've been bitten while others around you haven't, you might be wondering why you're ...

Too much raw spinach can cause kidney stones – Here’s how to cook it instead

A4W Contributor

It turns out raw spinach isn't as good for us as we thought. Here's why you should think ...

Angry sportswoman gesturing thumbs down in city outskirts

5 Effective weightloss workouts that DON’T involve running

A4W Contributor

You can still sweat off the kilos without ever putting on a pair of running shoes

green potato

“Don’t eat green potatoes” + Other everyday foods that could be toxic

A4W Contributor

We may have been eating some of these foods all our lives, we may be just one bad ...

close up dirty flush toilet in house.

3 Of the dirtiest things in your home + how to clean them

A4W Contributor

Here are 3 of the dirtiest things in your home - they could be breeding disgusting bacteria as ...

Palm with tooth

COVID-19 survivors claim the virus is making their teeth fall out

A4W Contributor

bloodless and painless tooth loss may be one of the longterm after-effects of COVID-19 infections...

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