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Change your finances with the power of positive thinking

A4W Contributor

While not everyone is an eternal optimist, research has shown that a positive outlook is not just good for your ...

Unrecognizable black female applying rich cream to her hands, standing wrapped in white bath towel, closeup

Stretch marks and ‘kiwi’ on your inner thighs -why tissue oil is the answer

Zethu Sithole

Stretch marks and pigmentation make many women feel self-conscious, even though they are both a natural consequence of ...

Miss him. Mournful teen girl touching head and sitting on floor

Dealing with that “anxious feeling” in 5 steps

A4W Contributor

 It’s World Mental Health Day on 10 October, and in the spirit of this very important day to ...

CBD oil in your lube?

CBD oil in your lube? What you need to know before you oil up

A4W Contributor

Put the thoughts of dizzying psychedelic sex out of your mind Cheeba Africa CBD will enhance your sexual ...

Young woman peacefully sleeping well resting on soft orthopedic pillow in comfortable cozy bed with luxury linen, healthy girl lying asleep on white sheets resting at home or hotel enjoying good nap

Struggling to sleep? How to create a healthy routine + why it’s vital for your health

Zethu Sithole

According to the 1Life Wellbeing survey, many South African’s are struggling to sleep because of financial and work-related ...

Men get breast cancer too

Breast cancer: Men get it too – Here are the symptoms & treatments

The Conversation

Men also have breast tissue, but usually much smaller amounts than women, and it is exposed to much ...

#BreakTheSilence campaign: Continuing the PCOS conversation on social media

#BreakTheSilence campaign: Continuing the PCOS conversation


For more information about the 3Sixty Biomedicine hosted Facebook and Instagram live chats and other forums featuring health ...

Contraception. Safe sex, choosing a contraceptive. Sexy girl with a condom and pills in her hands

Period sex: Should you be doing it?

Zethu Sithole

 While sex isn’t on the cards for many women during ‘that time of the month’, Dr Phumzile Mkhize ...


Want that summer body fast? Get healthy with TLC’s online special now!


Are you ready for a positive change? Do you want to look and feel good and lose weight ...

Happy woman standing at the open refrigerator with fruits, vegetables and healthy food

Here’s why we crave food even when we’re not hungry

The Conversation

Eating is much more than just responding to a biological need, here's why you might want to eat ...

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