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Close-up portrait of her she nice lovely charming attractive sad bored dull disappointed brown-haired lady looking at new green detox vitamin salad in light white interior style kitchen.

To detox or not to detox

Zethu Sithole

The effects are often shortlived and don't lead to long term health or weight loss. Is it worth ...

Fun food. Snails breakfast for Valentine day

How does eating more fat help you lose weight?

Zethu Sithole

High-fat diets have turned this diet logic on its head. But how does eating more fat decrease your ...

Vaginal or menstrual problems concept. Young woman holds paper with sad smiley above crotch.

Your vagina cleans itself: why vagina cleaning fads are unnecessary and harmful

The Conversation

Have you tried douching or a vaginal detox? Here's why your vagina really doesn't need any of that

Nice scent. Delighted beautiful young woman sitting at the table and holding rose while smelling it

4 Reasons you should celebrate Valentines day when you’re single and how to do it

Zethu Sithole

Celebrating valentines could actually be a great time to take stock of all the love in your life ...

Two women vaping outdoor. The evening sunset over the city.

3 Reasons why vaping is more dangerous than smoking cigarretes

Watch This

While vaping has not been proven to increase your risk of lung cancer or heart disease more than ...

Diritto d'autore : doucefleur

Wearing the same tampon all day + other things you need to stop doing to your vagina right now!

Zethu Sithole

If you are doing any of these you need to stop right now.

concerned trendy middle age housewife in black body lingerie and red bathrobe looking in mirror and checking wrinkles near table with toiletries in the modern living room in sunny day.

Eating habits that are aging you

Zethu Sithole

Here's how your diet could be ageing you...

A young woman holds a razor in her hands and covers her lips in silence. The concept of getting rid of unwanted facial hair. Copy space.

Why you’re suddenly growing hair on your chiny -chin-chin

Zethu Sithole

5 medical reasons why you could be growing some hair on your chin... Spoiler alert: It's the hormones...

3 Medical reasons you might not be losing weight

Zethu Sithole

Here are 3  common medical reasons you could be struggling to lose weight...

Urine sample

What colour should your urine be?

Zethu Sithole

Are you healthy? What colour should your urine be? What if your urine is a weird colour? Here's ...

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